Refined Cottonseed Oil

“Sanjay Supreme” is a Oleic Linolic type Vegetable Oil produced by micro refining of cottonseed oil which is derived from the seed of cotton plant. Refined Cottonseed Oil is a light colour, bland, nutty taste and completely odorless. I has perfect balance of MUFA / PUFA both the fatty acids are essential for body. “Sanjay Supreme”Refined Cottonseed Oil soaks very less oil in comparison to other oils, it makes food very light and easy to digest. It is the best as a frying media, gives crispness to frying product.


  • FFA-0.035%
  • Acid Value – 0.07%
  • R.I. at 40 Degree Celcius – 1.4644
  • Color in 5 ¼ V Cell Y+5R – 7 Units
  • MIV % : 0.018%
  • Sediments : Nil
  • Peroxide Value : 0.40 Mequ./Kg
  • Iodine Value : 107.29
  • Argemone Oil Test: Negative
  • Castor Oil Test : Negative
  • Mineral Oil Test: Negative

Packaging Available

“Sanjay Supreme” brand Refined Cottonseed Oil is available in consumer packs of 500 ml Pouch/bottle, 1 Ltr. pouch/bottle, 2 Ltr. jar, 5 Ltr. Jar and 15 Ltr and Kg tins and jars

Refined Cottonseed Oil Applications

This vegetable oil is frequently used for frying, deep-frying, and baking. Because of its neutral taste, cottonseed oil is said to enhance the natural taste of food, unlike other oils.

Refined Cottonseed oil is a familiar feature of processed foods. It is a popular ingredient in margarine, icings, and whipped toppings, because it helps form beta prime crystal, which promotes the ideal texture and creamy appearance of shortenings, spreads, and similar products. Refined Cottonseed oil is also added to salads.

Other processed foods that use cottonseed oil as an ingredient include potato chips and French fries, baked goods, cereals, mayonnaise, stir-friend and oriental dishes, and spicy foods.

Refined Cottonseed oil is also used in personal care products such as soap and cosmetics. Soap produced with cottonseed oil was found to be adapted to washing wool. The oil from cottonseed is also added to laundry detergents. Other products where cottonseed oil is used range from rubber to insecticides and explosives.